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According to the US Department of Justice, vehicle stops are the number one reason for contact between citizens and police. NC CopWatch aims to provide a platform for North Carolina community members to have access to law enforcement stop, search, and use of force data. The site displays this data in graphs and charts and incorporates features that allow the user to compare the traffic stop data to population data, as well as review traffic stop data for individual departments over time.

NC CopWatch was created to serve as a resource to community members, organizers, and advocates across the state of North Carolina seeking transparency and accountability in our statewide policing practices. The site should operate as an advocacy tool for those seeking policy changes in law enforcement practices.

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Dataset Facts

Timeframe Jan 01, 2002 - Apr 15, 2021
Stops 26,681,078
Searches 812,117
Agencies 323

Review agency-level data on the race/ethnic composition demographics of people stopped, searched, and subjected to force in the course of traffic stops in a given jurisdiction.

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Use this feature to identify the stop and search patterns of individual police officers. Search for North Carolina traffic stops using the form fields below. Use Advanced Search for additional filtering criteria. When you have found the stop you are looking for, click the Officer ID hyperlink to review the data associated with the officer involved.

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